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Tree Pruning Marietta

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Tree Pruning

Don’t know where to start when it comes to caring for the trees in your landscape?  Call the professionals at for tree pruning services in Marietta and the Metro Atlanta area.

Unless you consider yourself an arbor enthusiast, you probably don’t think about the maintenance that goes into keeping trees healthy and good looking.  Tree pruning and trimming ensure that your trees will stay beautiful for years to come.

Consider these services if you’re interested in maintaining your trees’ beauty and health:

Pruning Trees:  Pruning trees have cosmetic benefits such as keeping it maintained, but there are also health benefits in trimming tree branches.  Whether you need basic trimming and thinning to remove excess branches and deadwood or strategic reduction to minimize the windsail effect, pruning your trees will keep them in good shape for years to come.

Broken & Dead Branch Removal:  Bad hail storms, snow/ice and thunderstorms can cause tree limbs to break and fall- sometimes through roofs, windows, cars or on people.  Broken tree branches can cause major damage to a home and to power lines and should be removed by a professional before causing unnecessary headaches.

Preventing Tree Disease:  Trees are susceptible to disease if too much of the tree is removed at any given time.  The experts at will spread out the pruning plan and prioritize thinning the crown of the tree to give each tree the best chance at staying healthy.

The professional team at can help guide you through the process of making smart decisions for maintaining your trees.  Our specialists will provide you with a free estimate and will do what it takes to make you feel comfortable about the investment you are making.

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