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Tree Removal in Marietta, GA

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Tree Removal in Marietta

Do you have trees that are close to falling soon that could damage surrounding property?  Dead trees overtaking your yard?

At our goal is to try to preserve and keep trees healthy, however, there are occasions when removal is the best option for the landscape and the homeowner.

Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment make a great option for tree removal in Marietta and the Metro Atlanta area.  Our experienced team has many years of tree removal experience and we can estimate the cost of tree removal on-site.  These are only some of the reasons why we are a great option for tree removal service in Marietta.

Is it time to remove your dead tree?  Look for these signs that it may be time to call the professionals at!

  • Soil build-up at the bottom of the trunk and underneath the tree canopy
  • Fungi (like mushrooms) growing at the base of the tree trunk
  • Large cavities in the trunk or larger branches
  • Peeled/chipping bark or large cracks in the trunk
  • Dead branches in the upper crown of the tree

Every tree removal quote includes a thorough assessment of what staff, equipment and process will be required so that the tree is removed safely.  Tree removal comes with a unique set of challenges- tree removal usually occurs in confined spaces near homes, power lines or other tricky property constraints.

Our team will look at the tree’s proximity to power lines and surrounding property and analyze the best course of action to take the tree down without damaging anything else in the process.  We will work with our clients to explain the best tree removal option for them and help prioritize which trees should come down versus those that could survive with better care.

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